Danbury Firm Makes Golfing Fun

The beginner golfers not only need the right equipment (especially the best golf clubs for beginners), they also need golfing fun in this game. Knowing that, Joe Davidson, president of Simple Golf L.L.C in Danbury, wants to make golfing fun for beginners so that they don’t get fused with the sport and stop playing.

So, he has launched a new product, called Simple Swing–an easy-to-learn instructional video on how to play golf The video teaches three basic swing elements: the power thumb grip, power set stance and shoulder-powered swing.

“We opened the business about a month ago and we have developed a very easy to learn golf swing,” said Davidson.

If beginners are successful quickly, the company believes they will bring new players into the game and cut golf’s high dropout rate.

According to figures released at last year’s Professional Golfers Association show, two-thirds of the players drop out. Almost 1 million people per year give up the game because it is frustrating.
Davidson, who also runs a golf-related online shop, www.Golthelp.com, has been in the golf business for 40 years. He started playing as a child. It was convenient for him. “We moved next door to a golf course,” he said.

About two months ago, he partnered with golf instructors Mike O’Leary and Rich Franks to create the Simple Golf video.

“It’s a very nice industry to work in because people enjoy golf,” but people aren’t always up for change, he said.

The video introduces a different type of golf swing. “With anything new,” he added, “people are somewhat resistant.”

His strategy with his new product and the business is to sell high-quality products at low prices.
“We have sold a few hundred so far, which is pretty good with no marketing.” And, they recently signed a deal to sell the product in 200 online golf stores nationwide.

Simple Golf also has a golf school in Orlando, Fla.

“We are looking forward to working with other golf companies and golf organizations to make a positive difference in the game of golf,” Davidson said. “It’s a sport that you can play throughout your whole lifetime. And, it’s challenging because you’re always playing against yourself.”

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Simple Swing will generally increase your driving distance by 10% or more. Most Simple Swingers are reporting they now hit at least one or two dub-less on their approach shots. SimpleSwing is longer because it more efficiently uses the larger muscles the body. It is easier to synchronize all the muscles of the body and arms to get them to work together to create the maximum club head speed. Confidence is also a factor in the swing speed increase. Golfers just have more confidence using Simple Swing because it’s so much simpler and so many fewer things can go wrong. When you are completely confident in your swing it’s a lot easiest to swing with your full effective power.


Simple Swing will definitely increase your accuracy. It does this because it keeps the dub head square to the plane through the whole backswing and downswing. Because the clubhead stays square it is always square when it hits the ball. The power thumb grip just about completely eliminates the possibility of slicing.


Consistency is very important to all levels of golfers. Simple Swing is the most consistent golf swing ever because there are fewer moving parts so there are fewer things to go wrong. Almost all Simple Swing students report increased consistency and increased confidence within their first week of using Simple Swing.

Here is your golden opportunity to learn a better golf swing. This amazing new swing will definitely give you the edge over your competition by giving you a more consistent pressure-proof golf swing. Every day more and more golfers are proving that Simple Swing works.

There are many resources on the Internet that can help you to find the guide to improve your golf game. One of the best resources is Golferhill.com. Do you know Felicia Taylor? She is a professional golfer and an enthusiastic golf teacher for beginners. She’s shared many helpful tips, tricks that base on her experiences in golf. You can come there and read more about them.

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